Simon Joyner: Ghosts


The new, full-band, double album from Simon Joyner, his first since 2009. In deluxe, gatefold tip-on jacket with digital download card included. On Joyner's resurrected Sing, Eunuchs! label in celebration of 20 years of toiling underground!

Recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely All-Analog. No digital technology was used in making this record.

Side One

  • Vertigo
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Red Bandana Blues
  • Sing a Little Lullaby

Side Two

  • The Tyrant
  • Will You Stand Up for Me?
  • Cotes du Rhone
  • If It's Alright With You (It's Alright With Me) Pt.1

Side Three

  • If It's Alright With You (It's Alright With Me) Pt. 2
  • Answering Machine Blues
  • Swift River, Run
  • When the Worst Doesn't Happen

Side Four

  • If I Left Tomorrow (Play)
  • The Last Parade (Play)
  • Hard Luck Heart
  • Please Forgive
  • Ghost